Pigeon Sausages???

30/05/2009 at 4:00 pm (Uncategorized)

My husband of nine years came home from work the other day, carrying a plastic bag. Nothing unusual I hear you say, but this plastic bag had six pigeon sausages inside. Yes, you heard me correctly……pigeon (as in annoying bird that coos) sausages. Well I nearly barfed all over floor..right there and then! I mean Pigeon for God sake..that’s not normal! He seemed very pleased with the fact he had these “non-normal” sausages, I on the other hand was not!

You may think I’m being unreasonable…why should I be so disgusted by these sausages? But being a vegetarian (I admit I sometimes eat chicken breast and bacon) it actually made my stomach churn!!

“Poor little pigeon’s ” I remember saying to Phil….he turned around and laughed at me!  “You’re not giving them to our daughter” I also remember saying. I must add at this point that my six year daughter is a pure cannibal…she adores meat, and if you give her a meal without any, she demands to know the reason why! I also have a ten year old son, who sadly takes after me, and is very picky about his food, so I had no worries about him consuming the “sausages” because, he would point blankly refuse!

Well, the comment on my daughter didn’t go down to well with hubby, and so a row began 🙂

He basically said that she should be allowed to make the decision herself whether or not she tries the “sausages”…..I disagreed….at the time! In hindsight, he was right……which to be honest, is extremely hard for me to admit…..being a woman, and always right!!

I haven’t admitted to him that I was in the wrong…..because, lets face it, if I did that I would never hear the last of it!

The pigeon sausages are yet to be consumed, and are in the freezer……and to be honest I hope that’s were they stay 🙂


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Hello world!

28/05/2009 at 1:46 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge and started a Blog! I’m not sure whether I’m cut out for it, or whether it will be any good, but I guess if I don’t try, we will never know!

So I’ve decided to use this first post as a kinda, introduction to me. I’m 31 (urgh) I’m a mother to 2 kids (devil spawn) and I’m also a wife (I’d better not put anything in these brackets,just in case he reads it!) I work part time, in a job that I hate, and whenever I can, I Tweet!!

Yes I admit it…I am a Twitterholic and actually have to thank my “Twitter Buddie” @samanthai for giving me the push I needed to do this Blog! She may regret this, after she reads it! 

I am embarking on a new adventure this year….in the shape of college. I have decided to go back and re-do my Maths G.C.S.E. This is a very scary prospect for me , as I absolutely hate maths with a passion! But I would like to become a teacher (more on that in another entry!) so I need a respectable grade in maths before I can start my studies in teaching. It’ s all very frustrating, and I only have myself to blame, I really should have paid attention in my maths lessons!

I think I have a lot of opinions on things, and I’m sure if something gets on my wick, I will write it here!

So onwards and upwards…..I will be back 🙂

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