Chewed Shoes

02/06/2009 at 4:45 pm (Uncategorized)

Well Summer has finally arrived in the South of England! And it’s time to break out the shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops! Well I would have done, if my most favourite summer shoes had been in one piece….

I think it was the hottest day of the year(bearing in mind we are only at the beginning of June!), when I decided to finally take off the jeans and jumpers, and join in with the rest of the U.K, and don more summery attire. Out came my three- quarter length trousers and black vest top….ooh I was so excited….next was my summer sandals , that I had purchased from Next the year before. I just have to explain that these shoes were the most comfortable sandal I have ever worn……since day one, they have never given me a blister, never made my feet sore…and to top it off, they had molded to the shape of my feet!! It was like walking on air….if  I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that the little elves from the fairytale The Elves and the Shoemaker had made them especially for me ( you probably think I’m being melodramatic, and maybe I am, but humour me!!)

So baring all this in mind, you will understand my horror when I found my sandals in the mouth of my one year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Indie. In the next thirty seconds I went through a wave of emotions…….horror, disbelief, anger, murderous intent and heartbreak.

I screamed at Indie to drop “the goddamn shoe” or feel my wrath. He did so, and looked up at me with his big brown eyes with a kinda “sorry Mum” look, he then ran out into the garden with his tail between his legs!

I looked down at my beloved shoes, and a tear welled in my eye……..they were completely chewed to pieces, not even cobbler to the Queen could save them!  Well the air turned a shade of blue….and I may have screamed a little bit. I was distraught and I needed a little time to compose myself…so I shut myself in my bedroom, and sulked.

Today I went and bought myself a new pair of sandals……luckily Next still sell the same ones…..maybe they weren’t one of a kind after all 🙂



  1. Nigel (from Twitter) said,

    Like the dog name Indie !! guess that comes from your passion for music?

    I understand your dismay, we all have our bestest shoes dont we, at least you got some replacements

    Good blog, keep it up, wish i could write like you

    • acemas21 said,

      Actually my dog is named after Indianna Jones (kids idea) but you’re right I do have a passion for music 🙂

      Again, thankyou for being so lovely 🙂

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