My Love Of Music…..

05/06/2009 at 1:19 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Music is one of my greatest loves(obviously apart from Hubby,kids and family!!) And has always been part of my life since I can remember!…..

My I-Pod is one of my prized possessions, please don’t touch it, or I will break you fingers!!

My Mum and Dad are to blame really, they played music all the time…and I’m talking real music, stuff from the 60’s and 70’s. When you could understand the lyrics, and the meaning behind it.

My first favourite song was “Land of make Believe” by Bucks Fizz!! I was four years old! And my first crush (I’m embarrassed to admit!)  was Shakin’ Stevens!!! I loved him, again I was four at the time, but still!! I don’t know whether is was the slick black hair, or the skin tight denim, all I knew was that I was going to marry him when I was older (thank god that didn’t turn into a reality!)

And so my obsession with music continued…..

When I was a teenager, growing up with three big brothers, we had all sorts of tunes blaring out of the windows!! My eldest brother, who is now forty, liked chart stuff…….. middle brother now at the age of thirty nine liked hardcore rave (boom,boom,boom music!)…… and the youngest of the three , now thirty seven, was a bit of a soppy git and like slow stuff!!

So we had all that, mixed in with the 60’s and 70’s music Mum and Dad played…I lived in a very musical, noisy house!!

So now, for all those people who follow me on Twitter, you can understand why I Blip so many different styles of tunes! I grew up with it….so it is part of me , in my blood…..and I’m passing that down to my children!

My son, who is ten loves David Bowie…..And my six year old daughter love the rave band Scooter! Now you can’t get more diverse than that 🙂



  1. Nigel (from Twitter) said,

    I remeber the land of make believe ” run for the sun little one”, think i was just a tad older than 4 though, i love your range of music, im very much the same my i phone has quite a selection on it !!!!

    • acemas21 said,

      Grrr I want an I-Phone!!! Not fair 🙂 Thanks Nigel, for complimenting me on my music!

  2. Amanda said,

    Aww am with you on ole Shaky! I always thought i would marry him too :)!!! lol

    • acemas21 said,

      Haha!! We would’ve had to share him then!! 🙂

  3. upwardsofweirdness said,

    My first love was Jim Morrison, the Doors of course! Mother said I loved him pre-nataly as I would kick and squirm in her belly whenever she played him – which was often! To this day, I find male singers with deep, rich voices the hottest things ever! 🙂

    I had noticed your diversity – which is great! I’m all over the place as well – must be why we get on so well! xxx

    • acemas21 said,

      This is one of many things that gives reason why we get on so well!! Two peas in a pod springs to mind!! 🙂 xxx

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