Brighton Baby!!

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The other morning, my friend and I decided to go on a jolly to Brighton! It’s only a 45 minute drive from were we live, and it would be her little boy’s first trip there. He’s only 9 months old, but still, we wanted to take him…..and of course we wanted to go, so we used that as an excuse!

I love Brighton……it’s a colourful, happy, relaxed place…you could wear a tea-cosy on your head and no one would give a rats arse!!

I always find myself looking in the windows of estate agents…having a look to see if I could afford to live there….I am always disappointed!! Actually I don’t know why I torture myself, as I always get depressed when I look at the price tags.

We headed straight for the pier to have the customary bag of chips…..smothered in salt and vinegar, with a little wooden fork. We were served buy a pale faced man/boy called Rafael , who spoke little English, and clearly didn’t want to be serving us chips!

We had a wonder along the pier, and came across all manor of people……..OAP’s sitting in the¬†iconic deckchair eating ice-cream, staring out to sea, people with more money than sense…filling the fruit machines with all their pennies, and couple’s walking hand on hand.

Kerry and I had noticed one couple walking towards us..they had a portion of freshly made Chinese noodles, brought from one of the many food shacks, that line the pier. They looked really tasty (the noodles not the couple) and they were sharing them, which made me remember when my husband and I used to do things like that (not anymore, don’t share my food with anyone!) ……then suddenly, out of nowhere a bloody great big seagull swooped down and tried to steal this nice couples noodles…..well I’ve never seen two people jump so high!! In that split second……she screamed and went one way……he screamed and threw the noodles on the floor…….and as quickly as the attack started, it had finished….the seagull got a beak-full of her hair……and they no longer had their noodles.

It was one of the funniest things Kerry and I had seen…we just couldn’t stop laughing! It was like something out of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”….the fact the guy screamed and didn’t try to protect his girlfriend, but instead jumped to the side and threw the noodles away, makes it even funnier!!

I love the fact I have a good memory, as I can remember this incident perfectly, and every time I think about it…..I laugh out loud! Very good for when I’m having a down day….just wish I could have the chance to say thanks to the seagull!!

We took Kerry’s little boy down onto the beach and let him have a crawl about, and he had a play with the pebbles. He liked licking them for some reason…..Kerry kept reminding him that dog’s could have peed¬†on them, and not to do it……he just laughed at her!

We of course had an ice cream before we went home….and had a lovely walk along the seafront. It was a brilliant day, and one I will never forget (mostly because of the seagull)!

We are now planning another day-trip to Brighton, but just us girls…….whatever will we get up to!!


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