My Son, his nose and the little bugger.

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Well today started out as any other…….I didn’t want to get out of bed, the kids didn’t want too get out of bed, and the dog wanted to be let out and was whining at the door….

Getting the kids ready for school should be an Olympic sport, it takes time, dedication and patience (something I don’t possess!) For once I would just like them to do as I ask, the first time I ask it..but they seem incapable of doing this….

My son and daughter are like chalk and cheese…but on the rare occasion when they get along, it’s wonderful.

This morning was not one of those occasions……Symon was trying to watch TV in between eating his rice crispies, Elidah had my I-Pod, (yes MY I-Pod), with a set of mini speakers attached, dancing and singing, in front of the TV. I must admit the song she was listening to was one of my favourites, but still, she was annoying him… then ensued an argument…it was 7:40am…..all I flipping needed!

By the time we headed out the door to go to school, I had shouted at the pair of them at least 6 times, Elidah had cried twice, and I had 1 massive headache and small bald spots on my scalp after pulling out my hair.

Everything from that point was normal……the 5 minute walk was the same as usual…..Brian, the lollipop man was there waiting to help people cross  the semi busy road… as usual, the same parents and same children we see everyday doing the same old things…as usual.

I waited in my usual spot in the playground, and was happily nattering away with one of the other slaves….sorry I mean Mothers….when I see Symon half bent over with his head in his hands.  Being the caring and concerned mother I am, I walked over to him to see what was wrong…..

This is where is gets interesting!

He looked up at me with tears streaming down his face, I also noticed that he had an indentation on his nose..which wasn’t there this morning. “Whats happened” I asked him……” Robert bit my nose Mum” He managed to tell me through his heaving sobs. Well I wasn’t expecting him to say that, I mean Robert was 7 years old, not 2 or 3.

By this time all the other children and their parents had gone into school, and Robert was nowhere in site…..”Come on” I said “we need to get your sister into class” Just at that moment Roberts Mum walked past me…it looked like she had just arrived at the school… why was Robert and his sister already there?

“Your Son has just bitten Symon” I hollered at her (I know it technically wasn’t her fault, but I still wanted to shout at her) “I’ve only jus got ere’ ” She said with a slightly raised voice ( now I was in a bad mood at this point and I thought to myself, if she raises her voice anymore to me, I will slap…no, punch her!!)

The next thing I know, she’s dragging Robert out onto the playground, and demanding that he say sorry…..he did…..very reluctantly. I’m ashamed to admit that in that moment, I wanted to grab hold of little Robert and fling him around a bit…but being the responsible adult…..I didn’t!

Symon was so upset that he didn’t want to go to school, so me being a big softy, I let him come home……

Symon’s nose swelled up, and he looks like he may have a big bruise in the morning…..but a big cuddle from me, and loads of attention lavished upon him….it looks like he’s going to be just fine.


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